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Thank you for visiting my webpage. My name is Mario, and I have been practising martial arts since 1989. My Taekwondo journey started in 1992. Exercising indoors and outdoors, attending Taekwondo regular classes became my habit, and I made it to my daily routine.

My goal is to inspire and motivate the youth, as well as adults, in becoming more active, make healthier choices, and to share the experience of shaping oneself into a better person each and every day.

Physical activity is essential and has not only physiological benefits, but it also contributes to social and psychological well-being. It reduces the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Besides this, drinking lots of fluids and eating healthy are mandatory for health and fitness.

For this reason, I became a Taekwondo Instructor and opened this club with British Taekwondo to help my students to achieve their health and fitness goals with martial arts and maintaining the Five Tenets of Taekwondo.

I am a qualified Level 2 Children's Fitness Coach, a National Poomsae Judge and a certified Kukkiwon black belt who gained full Disclosure Checks clearance. Continued education and further training are very important to me. Therefore, besides my full-time job in IT, I am a lifetime student, Assistant and Lead Instructor who is attending regular classes in other clubs. I am currently absolving a Personal Trainer Education Programme towards level 4. I also happen to be a Life Coach who went through very tough times, experienced different types of abuse, separation, suicide, loss and alcohol addiction of a family member. I figured it out my way of doing things to get my life back on track. Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, keeping them safe from harm and abuse is my highest priority. It's part of who I am.

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Taekwondo4Fitness - Keep it going, work harder and never give up!




  • British Taekwondo Certified Instructor

  • Kukkiwon black belt

  • Taekwondo Practitioner since 1992

  • British Taekwondo National Poomsae Referee

  • Qualified Healthy Active Lifestyle Programming Coach (HALP)

  • Enhanced DBS checked

  • First Aider

  • Life and Beachbody Coach

  • Nutrition Advisor

  • Ongoing personal and professional development

Taekwondo4Fitness Club Aylesbury

Taekwondo - My Way of Life!


I was born 1976 in Berlin, Germany and have been active my entire life. Even if I enjoy running, cycling, long walks, my passion was always martial arts.

I started with Judo when I was 13 years old in 1989, but soon I realized that this martial art was nothing really for me. I only earned my yellow belt; then, I stopped attending classes ultimately.


My Taekwondo journey started in 1992 when my school mate took me to a Taekwondo club called "Sportschule Bae" in Berlin Moabit. His parents were the owner of the dojang, so I asked my father to sign me up for classes. At this time, I was 16 years old. Regularly after school, I went to training, often for two classes a day. My instructor was Master Kang Seok Sun from Korea, who has been practising Taekwondo since 1964. I earned my 7th Kup in December 1992.


After my mother passed away in January 1993, my life was falling apart. Due to deep sadness, I lost focus on school education and sports. I attended Taekwondo classes only once or twice a week; it took me some time to get my life back on track.


The other stroke of fate happened when my father was diagnosed with cancer. After he passed away in September 1996, I was entirely on my own and no longer able to afford Taekwondo lessons in clubs. I never stopped pursuing it! 


My mother was just 38, and my father 44 when they died. For this reason, In 1998, I left my hometown and moved to Hamburg city to start over and to study Medical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences.


Life was tough and budgeted minimal, so I was working three extra jobs for a living. My temp job as a carer for the elderly accompanied me during study and apprenticeship between January 2000 and May 2007. Besides this, I was doing a cleaning job at least twice a week and also gave private lessons. As a result of the implementation of tuition fees and for financial reasons, I had to quit university and started a career in Information Technology in 2004.


After my IT training ended in 2006, there was no longer the need to do any extra jobs, so I signed up for Taekwondo classes at Gym Sandokan in Hamburg, and I attended regular classes for almost a year.

Later on, in 2007, I became a student at Mo San club. My instructor was Muhamed Kahrimanovic who prepared me for the grading to the 6th Kup that took place in July 2007 with German Taekwondo Union (DTU). Muhamed is known under his nickname "Hammer Hands" and for his ability to break things like coconuts, slabs and baseball bats. This was the last grading I attended at the end of July 2007, until I left my home country entirely.


For professional and personal reasons, I moved to Slovakia to start a new life in a foreign country with a different culture and language. Even if I didn't have any Slovak language skills, it didn't hold me back from joining

Ilyo Taekwondo Kosice in October 2007. My trainer was Pavel Ižarik, who is holding the 5th Dan grade. I took three exams during my four-years-stay in this beautiful country, the last grading to the 2nd Kup was in February 2010. 


After I met my wife Gabriela in June 2009, I started focusing more on healthy eating and came a vegetarian and later on a vegan.


In the middle of 2011, my wife and I left Slovakia. Since things didn't work out as expected, in June 2013, we moved to Vienna in Austria, where I started a new IT job in the financial sector.


Unfortunately, my role was made redundant after 18 months of employment, so my wife and had to give up the apartment and stay with family in Slovakia for a few months. We decided to move back to the UK, so I applied for an IT job in Greater London. In October 2015, I started working for a big software company, and things were working better for both of us.


My wife is currently in progress, becoming a Level 4 Certified Personal Trainer.


In November 2018 I signed up for a Level 2 Children's Fitness Qualification as well as for a Personal Trainer course towards level 4 with a leading provider to build up a second career path within the fitness industry and to become more qualified.


Even if I wasn't signed up in clubs continuously over all these years, I always kept practising martial arts, and Taekwondo has always been part of my life.


Since the end of March 2017, I have been attending training classes 3-5 training per week in three different clubs - as a student, as an Assistant as well as a Lead Instructor at Taekwondo4Fitness.


My first Dan grading was in September 2018, where I earned my 1st-degree black belt. Shortly after that, I obtained a license as a Taekwondo Instructor with British Taekwondo. In March 2019, I completed a National Taekwondo Poomsae Judge certification with British Taekwondo.

After my recent Dan grading on the 28th of September 2019, I earned my 2nd-degree black belt.


I am now focusing on the development of my club in Aylesbury and doing my Level 2 Gym Instructor besides my fulltime IT job.

Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the main venue is closed. To keep my members active, fit and engaged during the lockdown, I am now offering online services like poomsae coaching, online fitness classes via Zoom and my Facebook group.

You can be easily tempted to make unhealthy choices to comfort your life even as a vegetarian or vegan. For this reason, I became a Nutrition Advisor who has been following a plant-based diet for over a decade. Besides this, I am a Coach with Beachbody.com - an American leader of in-house fitness and weight-loss solutions to work and help others to achieve their health and fitness goals, because I believe in their products.

Keep it going, work harder and NEVER give up!


If you’d like to connect or have any questions, please reach out – I’m here to help.

Thank you for reading and keep safe!


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