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Hello all,

As some of you may already know, I am not only a Taekwondo Instructor but also a qualified Healthy Active Lifestyle Programming Coach and Team Beachbody Coach.


My wife Gabriela and I, we are very passionate about a healthy and active lifestyle. We have been Vegans for over a decade now, and we are proof that you can be healthy on a plant-based diet. 

We joined the Beachbody community three years ago when it launched here in the UK because we believe in their programs and products. Their mission is to help people to achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives.


Shakeology is a superfood nutritional shake, and we have been using it as part of our balanced diet.

Indeed, it has its price! But the quality of the ingredients makes its worth. And when you read the ingredients list, you can actually understand every word. No, it’s not a magic pill or quick fix. Still, with a busy lifestyle, it’s good to have a fast and nutritional meal ready on the go or as a part of our daily routine because proper nutrition and fitness routine go hand in hand for achieving and living a healthy life.


If you want to get fit and lose weight, you need to fix your diet! You can’t overtrain a lousy diet, and eventually, the bad eating habits will translate into your health. 



To help with making better eating choices, go for nutritional programs:


2B Mindset Kit: Click here

Ultimate Portion Fix® Kit: Click here



For the workouts, aka online gym use this link: 

Beachbody On Demand Sell Page: Click here



For nutritional shake this: 

Shakeology Sale Page: Click here



Combination of workouts and shake: 

Annual Beachbody On Demand & Shakeology® Challenge Pack: Click here



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