Rules in the Dojang

  • Make a proper bow, when entering or leaving the dojang.

  • Be on time!

  • Behave correctly.

  • When you are late, wait for the instructor's approval to join the group.

  • Ten minutes rule: Participants who repeatedly turn up later than ten minutes are no longer allowed to participate in this session.

  • Always wear a clean and ironed uniform (dobok).

  • Clean hands, feet, short nails

  • Don't wear sharp things.

  • Don't wear outdoor shoes in the dojang!

  • Don't talk, unless it is urgent!

  • Don't drink, smoke or eat in the dojang

  • No chewing gum!

  • No jewellery is allowed.

  • No devices are allowed on your wrist like watches, fitness tracker, etc. (exception: chest strap HR Monitor)

Show respect to

  • your instructor,

  • all other students,

  • the training hall (dojang),

  • your opponent,

  • to all other martial arts,

  • your parents, elders, brothers and sisters.

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